1 min readDec 28, 2021

Maraji opens up on 12 weeks absence on social media, surgery, and marriage (video) — {link} ======== Popular Instagram comedianne, Gloria Olorunto, popularly known as Maraji, has finally opened up on her reason for the long absence of about 12 weeks on social media. Maraji had sometime ago gone MIA from her usual activity on social media and nobody ever knew why. In a video uploaded on her YouTube channel, the content creator revealed that she stayed away because she suffered from Haemorrhoid and needed a surgery to get rid of it. According to her, the break started from a few weeks before the surgery, the surgery, and the healing time after the surgery. Furthermore, she disclosed that it was in this period that she had a small family get-together wedding with her Ghanaian-based lover and took in just about after two times of having sex with him. She said in part: “In the beginning of the year, I had a hemorrhoid surgery done. I took a break before, during and after it….the recovery process was hard….because mine was worst….” About the marriage, she said in part: “We just wanted to do it and get married, it was quick, it was within a month, small wedding in a sitting room, my family and his, then shortly after I got pregnant which is crazy because I have PCOS…we were surprised because we had sex just like twice when I got pregnant.” Watch the full video below: https://youtu.be/_Mp4o0AtWfQ